What we are

Amaabisa company Ltd was established under ACT 992 of the companies and business act 2019 of the Republic of Ghana as a sole proprietorship entity.
The company began operations in 2017 as a small scale commercial farming entity and gain full registration license in 2020 to import Agricultural machinery, Agricultural implements, Spareparts, and Agrochemicals.
Amaabisa Co. Ltd, has since it's establishment partnered both local and foreign companies in it's drive to contribute to Agric sector and promote livelihoods of rural youth by providing direct and indirect jobs opportunities.
The company identified the challenges farmers in the northern part of Ghana face with the acquisition and maintenance of farm machinery and most especially the non availability of spareparts on the market for these farmers. These formed the bases for the establishment and operationalization the company.

Success stories:

Having 10 years of experience

Imported over 20 rice and multipurpose combine harvesters ranging from FM world, Grande, Loval, Kubota, etc. Also, Massey Ferguson both 2WD and 4WD tractors and implements as well as New Holland tractors were successfully imported between 2020 and 2023. Various Spare parts components ranging from crawler harvesters engines, tracks, harvester blades and fingers among others have been imported and sold at the company’s stores across Ghana. The company has also sold various farm implements such as fertilizer spreaders, Boom sprayers, threshers including rice milling machines to farmers across the country. The company also in 2021, ventured into farm inputs and has since been one of the main wholesale distributors of various chemicals and fertilizers within the 5 Northern regions and beyond. The Company itself is into commercial rice and maize cultivation with an average of 300 acres of rice and 200 acres of maize cultivated annually. The Glorious Amaabisa Company also is the main dealer in rice sacks within the Upper East Region. Also, the company operates from 3 different warehouses in Tamale, Chuchuliga, and Fumbisi. You can also contact our office in Tema for business and purchase of our products. Furthermore, the company is into the commercial purchase, storage, and retail of grains and cereals. The Glorious Amaabisa Company was also granted an importation license for fertilizer and other agrochemicals by the Ministry of Agriculture and has also commenced fertilizer importation services for the company and any other companies who want to import fertilizer and having difficulties doing so.

Why CHoose us

Modern Equipments

Quality and modern equipment that makes farming easy.

Quality Agrochemicals

Quality agrochemicals that gives positive results.


consultancy service on farm equipment acquisition and more.

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Your Successes

We care about your success in farming. Your success is our priority.

Havesting Services

We provide a wide range of harvesting services.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is to support and enhance the productivity and efficiency of farmers and agricultural businesses. By offering high-quality machinery and equipment, the company aims to empower farmers to optimize their operations and achieve better yields. Additionally, by providing agriculture services such as consulting, training, and maintenance, the company strives to assist farmers in making informed decisions, adopting sustainable practices, and maximizing their overall profitability. Ultimately, the mission is to contribute to the growth and success of the agricultural industry by delivering reliable products and comprehensive services.

Our Vision

The vision of the company is to become a leading provider and trusted partner in the agricultural industry. The company aims to revolutionize farming practices by offering innovative and technologically advanced machinery and equipment that improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. By providing a wide range of high-quality spare parts, the company strives to ensure that farmers have access to reliable and durable components to keep their equipment running smoothly. Additionally, the company envisions being a one-stop-shop for all agricultural needs, offering a diverse range of products such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, and other essential supplies. Through exceptional customer service, expert advice, and tailored solutions, the company aims to establish long-term relationships with farmers and contribute to their success. Ultimately, the vision is to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of agriculture and supporting the global food supply chain.